Seminar 6.2.2019

Welcome to our seminar on 6.2.2019 at 11:30 – 16:00 in Jätkäsaari, Helsinki. You can follow the three sessions of the seminar also in the net.

The subjects are:

  • Electronic signing, digital signing, eIDAS, PadES
  • PKI Management and Managed PKI
  • SSL/TLS certificates – what lies ahead?

We have invited a very experienced group of presenters and facilitators:

  • Chris Bailey, VP Strategy and Business Development, Entrust Datacard  
    • Chris is a founding member in the CA/Browser Forum which regulates practices for SSL/TLS certificates
  • Robert Hann, Sales Director, Entrust Datacard  
    • Robert has a long experience in providing eSign and PKI solutions for European organizations
  • Antti Larvala, Director for Development, eSign for Visma Solutions  
    • Antti has been founding one of Finland’s first and largest services for eSign
  • Thomas Malmberg, CEO, Mintsecurity  
    • Thomas is very experienced in security solutions of Finnish organizations and he is a board member in the Finnish Information Security Association
  • David Terry, Business Development Director, Entrust Datacard
    • David has a profound understanding of the market situation in eSign and PKI business

More information and detailed program on our website:

Register to attend by sending email to The seminar/webinar is free-of-charge.

Wesentra was named the SSL Partner of the Year EMEA

With our CTO Harri Tuuva we attended the Entrust Datacard’s Global Partner Conference in London last June. During the conference we heard market updates on current situation in SSL-world and also,  information on other solutions provided by Entrust Datacard. As a part of the conference, Entrust Datacard rewarded their strategic partners and Wesentra was named the SSL partner of the Year EMEA.

What does this reward mean to us and especially to our customers? We do close co-operation with Entrust’s development team and our requests and development proposals are taken into consideration in ECS Portal development. We see already many enhancements in the Portal which are based on our customers’ ideas. We believe that this is an ongoing process.

This reward and appreciation would not have been possible without our customers. Thank you for the co-operation and trust!

And keep on sending those good development ideas!

How SSL Certificates Work

SSL certificates are used to initiate secure communications over computer networks, usually referred as HTTPS traffic. Organization Validated (OV) and Extended Validated (EV) Certificates provide both encryption and identification: user can check the name of the organization from a certificate and can be sure that a reliable third party (Certificate Authority – CA) has validated the organization. Domain Validated (DV) certificates give only encryption as the organization has not been validated at all. The actual name and protocol is TLS (Transport Layer Security) but I will use the term SSL (Secure Socket Layer) because it is still better known and more commonly used.

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Starting this blog finally also in English

we_secure_700X400Our web site and blog have been running since 2015 only in Finnish and only about SSL certificates. It is time to change this.

Our goal has been to make our customers’ life easier when dealing with SSL certificates. Obviously this has worked as our market share in Finland in OV/EV certificates has gone from 1% to 17% in seven years. And despite the size of the company (5 persons) Wesentra has become the largest distributor of SSL certificates for Entrust Datacard in Europe (and won SSL Partner of the Year EMEA award in 2018).

The biggest reason for this success has probably not been our blog ( 🙂 ) but rather our service and one decision from our valued vendor Entrust Datacard. In our customer satisfaction survey 2015 our customers expressed one wish above all: Could the verification calls come in Finnish from Finland instead of Canada/UK? After long discussions Entrust Datacard granted this and trained us during spring 2016 to do verification. Entrust Datacard maintains high quality by auditing every verification we do. This cooperation works well.

And now Wesentra is a Nordics Distributor for Entrust Datacard certificates.  Thank you Entrust Datacard!

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